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The minimal computing advocates were right: database-driven websites with dynamic code are inherently fragile, vulnerable things. They’re easy to hack. While high-profile sites with controversial content actively draw the attention of hackers, sometimes sites get hacked for no reason beyond free access to server resources. In Drupal for Humanists, I talked about all the highly configurable, dynamic features that were so easy to implement with Drupal, but never talked about what you lose.
Quinn Dombrowski, Sorry for all the Drupal: Reflections on the 3rd anniversary of “Drupal for Humanists”

Quinn Dombrowski, l’auteure de l’ouvrage Drupal for Humanists, revient sur les choix technologiques liés à Drupal, avec une sacrée dose d’humilité. Le choix de l’outil est terriblement complexe, et Drupal impose des contraintes (en tant que système monolithique reposant sur une base de données).

Via Marcello.