Repenser l'édition universitaire

The world of scholarly communication is broken.
Jon Tennant, Academic publishing is broken. Here’s how to redesign it

Partant du constat, largement partagé, que la communication scientifique a un problème, Jon Tennant formule quelques propositions pertinentes pour repenser l’édition universitaire, notamment sur le modèle de publication et les fonctionnalités possibles. La dimension politique n’est pas abordée et c’est dommage.

Use your imagination. What would you want the scholarly communication system to look like? What are all the wonderful features you would include? What can you do to help turn a vision into reality?
It is feasible to achieve 100% open access in the future while saving around 99% of the global spending budget on publishing. Funds could be better spent instead on research, grants for under-privileged students and minority researchers, improving global research infrastructure, training, support, and education. We can create a networked system, governed by researchers themselves, designed for effective, rapid, low-cost communication and research collaboration.