À propos de publication numérique

One thing that happened under my watch was the switch from focusing on XML to focusing on HTML. This might seem a little obvious or mundane, but it actually opened a lot of doors when it comes to automation. There’s this “white whale” in the publishing industry called “single source publishing”, which is a term that has come to mean maintaining the book content in a single file, and then “pushing a button” so to speak and magically transforming that file into the finished ebook file, the laid-out print file, and whatever else you need (for example, some publishers are publishing to the web as well now). […] O’Reilly is very techy, so it made sense for them, but it was hard for a lot of the non-tech companies to adopt and implement that kind of tool in a way that would make sense for their staff.
Nellie McKesson, Everything About E-Publishing

Entretien passionnant entre Stacey Sundar et Nellie McKesson pour Type Thursday, où il est question de publication, et notamment de fabriquer des livres avec les technologies du web.