Repenser le livre numérique

Paper is limited as a physical medium; it’s not connected to the network. Ebooks are limited by vendor silos, Digital Rights Management (DRM) lock-in, and what Amazon or Apple will let you do with them. Yet books are a central set of nodes in how I define myself, and I would like to explore my relationship with books using digital tools. But I can’t.
Boris Anthony et Hugh McGuire, A Momentary Suspension of Disbelief

Boris Anthony et Hugh McGuire, les fondateurs de Rebus Foundation, échangent autour des concepts de livre, de livre numérique et d’open textbooks : expériences de lecture, constitution du savoir, construction de soi, déception liée au livre numérique tel qu’il existe aujourd’hui, modèle du livre numérique à réinventer avec le web, etc. Un entretien passionnant qui introduit les travaux de recherche de Rebus Foundation !

The synthesis has to happen in the reader’s mind, and figuring out the tools to do that effectively and delightfully is an exciting challenge. Boris Anthony

If everyone’s interactions with their copies of a book feed back up to their source—their creator and publisher—they can begin to engage a distributed conversation and exploration.
Hugh McGuire

It’s simply not good enough to just go and build another reader app, another ebook store or stuff like that. A huge part of the work that needs to be done is adding the necessary infrastructure to the existing web to make books first-class citizens on the network, and beyond that: figuring out what equitable value flows and business models can bring all this to life.
Boris Anthony