Livre et web

I want to collect, connect, digest, and perhaps then I can create something from what I’ve found. What kind of bag can hold the things I find and make on the web?
Dave Cramer, A Bag Full of Stories

Il s’agit de la transcription d’une intervention de Dave Cramer à une conférence de Books in Browsers, qui résume très bien les questions suscitées par l’EPUB – le format actuel du livre numérique – et le web : comment réussir à utiliser le web pour raconter une, des histoires ? Comment rapprocher le web et le livre ?

Here we are, in 2016, with all this new web technology, and I can easily imagine a feature in your browser where making a book is as easy as making a bookmark. Just click a button to add a new chapter to your story.
Thus we turn the playlist into the mixtape, and the web becomes a net that catches the story.