Design Technologist : rassembler

Designers have realized that front-end code is not that much more complicated than mastering Sketch or Illustrator and a knowledge of their materials (browsers, native apps) strengthens their design.
Engineers have realized that there is a relationship between systematic design pattern thinking and creating DRY code, that there is a mathematic elegance to typographic theory and they can express it in code.
Organizations understand that designers and the people who realize those designs should have a shared context, timeframe, language, and incentives.
Jory Cunningham, Design Technologists: Front-End Development in the Design System Era

Qu’est-ce qu’un Design Technologist ? Jory Cunningham y répond : ce n’est pas un développeur web full stack mais la personne qui saura accorder une équipe de designers, de graphistes, de développeurs front end, de développeurs back end, autour de projets numériques/web.

Design Technologists bring a constructive pessimism to the design process.