Un framework pour le livre numérique

An eBook framework (CSS + template) which mantra is to “find simple solutions to complex issues.”
FriendsOfEpub, Blitz

Jiminy et Quentin ont créé, il y a quelques mois déjà, un framework pour le livre numérique, l’initiative est suffisamment rare pour être signalée ! Je n’ai pas testé, mais les objectifs sont assez clairs :

Blitz was designed to deal with the significant obstacles a newcomer or even an experienced producer might encounter. Its major goals are:

  1. to be simple and robust enough;
  1. to offer a sensible default;
  2. to manage backwards compatibility (ePub 2.0.1 + mobi 7);
  3. to provide useful tools (LESS/SASS);
  4. to get around reading modes (night, sepia, etc.);
  5. to not disable user settings.