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Publishing books on the web isn’t a risk: it’s the future.
Peter Brantley, Books, in a browser

Peter Brantley aborde la question du rapprochement de l’IDPF et du W3C, et les enjeux autour de la convergence du livre numérique et du web :

Berners-Lee noted four crucial affordances for publications on the web. Permanence: the open web is built on our most reproducible standards; materials published using HTML5 and its successors stand an excellent chance of remaining available in future networked environments. Seamless: ebook and digital magazine content can flow across different kinds of devices, from laptops to mobiles, with no fundamental disruption. Linked: publications can incorporate content that resides across the globe, in whatever form, as long as it is addressable on the web. Trackable: publications embodying standard identifiers such as DOIs or ISBNS, and persistent author identification, can be identified, and their use analyzed around the web.